October 31, 2019


  • All staff is hereby requested to collect the staff hand book from the office regarding the new rules and regulations framed for session 2019-20. 

  • The respective coordinators are hereby informed to start the new session with proper planning.

  • Form teachers are requested to appoint class monitors as soon as possible and maintain records of each student as per the instructions passed by the principal.

  • Use of technology in class such as projector lectures, PPT's and use of Laptops should be promoted in new session.

  • Particularly teachers of class 6th onwards must deliver lectures using laptops, PPT's and also ask students to prepare presentations. 

  • Kindergarten teachers are hereby asked to promote use of english language and Montessori method of teaching. All teachers must promote group discussions, group poems, stage programs etc amongst small kids.

  • It is the responsibility of the mother/form teacher to make sure that all kids are dressed in proper uniforms, with formal hair cut and tidy nails etc. 

  • All mother teachers/form teachers must submit their monthly report to their respective coordinators before last Monday of every month for monthly review meetings.

  • Bus duties will be alloted to staff members and student bus monitor will be chosen to maintain discipline in buses. Both the teacher on duty and bus monitor will share the responsibility of the buses.

  • All teachers must carry their identity cards and planners at all times. 

  • All teachers must submit their mobile phone with reception and collect before disbursal in afternoon.

  • Teachers must sit in their respective departments at all times. No leniency will be given for non compliance.

  • Dress code is most important part of any teachers profile. Male teachers are specially informed to follow the rules and regulations regarding the same.

NOTE: Management will conduct surprise visits to classes to make sure that the above mentioned practice is followed in true form. In case a teacher is found not adhering to the rules, he/she is liable for action.

October 31, 2018


All teachers are hereby informed to strictly adhere to the following decision passed by the management of DPS BARAMULLA in true letter and spirit.


Teachers who have been allocated roles will have to give monthly reports and will be held responsible for overall academics and discipline of their respective wings.

  • Mrs Nirmala Ganjoo is hereby appointed as the Head Mistress of Kindergarten for new academic session.

  • Mrs. Asifa Bhatt  is hereby appointed as Academic Coordinator for class Nursery – 1st. She shall report to the Head Mistress for all academics and non academics issues.

  • Mrs. Fozia Balroo is hereby appointed as Coordinator for class 2nd-5th for new academic session.

  • Mr. Rafiq is hereby appointed as Coordinator for class 6th-8th for new academic session.

  • Mr. Gurmeet Singh is hereby appointed as Coordinator for senior wing for new academic session.

  • The examination cell will be looked after by Mr Asif Khan.

All the above-mentioned roles will last for session 2019.

October 31, 2018


  • All teaching staff is hereby informed to report on duty from 19-02-2018. For further information contact office.

  • All staff members (Teaching and Non Teaching) are hereby requested to update their J&K Bank accounts as well as their aadhaar number with office.

  • All staff members (Teaching and Non Teaching) are hereby requested to submit a self attested copy of all credentials to Mr Javed for record maintaining.

October 29, 2018


  • This is to inform that all the teachers are supposed to submit their teaching diaries to their representatives on every Monday during first period.

  • Kindly paste your timetable and syllabus in your teaching diary.

  • We request teachers to carry pocket dictionary with them.

  • Please avoid notebook checking in the class.

  • Emphasize on moral values in the class and narrate short story with good moral values during zero period.

  • We encourage class teachers to write a new thought everyday on board and explain the meaning to students.        

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