Teacher Resources

November 23, 2018


  • In a surprise visit by management to various classes it was found that a lot of scribbling is done on the walls inside classrooms. Students are here by strictly advised to stop the practice immediately and try and keep their classrooms as tidy as possible.

  • All boys specially from class 5th onwards are directed to immediately have a tidy haircut  and avoid using color or gel for hair dressing. Anyone caught in the act will be dealt with strictly.

  • All students are hereby advised to use green bins for degradable waste and blue bins for plastic wastes in classes. 

  • ​All students are hereby informed to wear neat and proper uniform with Black leather shoes.​Wearing house uniforms on friday is mandatory for all students. All those students not adhering to the rule will not be allowed to participate in any activity.

  • ​All students are hereby directed to communicate only in english inside the school campus.

  • ​Students are hereby strictly directed not to bring mobile phones and junk food to school.

  • ​It is the responsibility of every student in the school to ensure that the school is free from litter. Students are also encouraged to take the responsibility for litter in their immediate vicinity and place any litter in the bins placed in the school.

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